Rear Jaw Sliding Bench Vice in Delhi


Since year 1978 ,Orcan has been manufacturing this unique rear jaw bench vice in Delhi. In this design the front jaw of the vise is stationery and the rear jaw moves backward to accomodate the job. it eliminates breakage in front jaw, saves valuable space towards operator as front jaw is stationery. Right angle machined mounting surfaces with two hole in front and one at back eliminates shaking and swivelling of vice in Delhi.

Dove tail ensure smooth easy to use long lasting moment of the vise.

Jaw Width Jaw Opening Depth Of Throat Weight in Kg
3/75 mm
75 mm
4/100 mm
115 mm
45 mm
5/125 mm
6/150 mm
8/200 mm
bench vise

Key Benefits


Heavy Duty orcan rear jaw sliding bench vices

we offer 3 years warranty against breakage covering the complete vice body and nut is covered by 10 years warranty for breakage
Dovetail Guideways

Its benefits

Dovetail guideways in fixed jaw and moving jaw result in smooth moment of vise & more contact area of moving jaw in the stationery fixed jaw.

The hardened and ground jaw with vertical and horizontal v groove makes the vise more versatile it can hold the circular pins .Also it can hold thin objects as paper.

The smooth surface of the jaws ensure there are no marks while clamping soft workpiece like aluminium or plastics.

Also absense of pnurling makes sure the jaws dont loose their clamping with passage of time or due to holding hard metal jobs.


Nut of these vises is a tubular component which is forged ,its covered with 10 years warranty on breakage .

Also it protects the Screw from metal dust ,ensuring less wear tear of the screw.

The screw in the vise is important load bearing member in the vise .

Screw of orcan rear jaw sliding bench vices use acme threads and are made using thread forming there by giving more wear resistance to the screw.

The mounting of orcan rear jaw sliding bench vise is using three screws one from top to down clamping the vice from the top .placed at the back of the vice.

Two screws are tightened from front side thus mounting the vice from front to back.

both direction of screws are at right angle.

We offer spare parts ,to make your purchase of orcan vise as a lifelong investments .Parts like jaws ,handle or moving jaws are available as spare parts at nominal prices so even after 30 to 40 years you could use orcan vices as new ones.

The moving jaw has flat surface on top in oval shape which can be used as anvil to straighten the sheet metal or nails.