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Bench Vices

Work piece clamping for manual operation, widely used in Engineering colleges ,Garages,Maintenace shops & manufacturing plants.
orcan rear jaw sliding bench vise


Unique rear jaw movement design eliminates breakage in front jaw,saves valuable space towards operator as front jaw is stationery.Durability ,Reliability & 3 years warranty is our USP
steel forged bench vise with swivel base


A drop-forged bench vice is a sturdy and durable tool used in Toolrooms, metalworking, and other trades for holding and securing workpieces for the Secure Grip.Swivel Base,Pipe Clamp Jaws,Permanent & replacable jaws is our USP
Pneumatic bench vice orcan


Orcan pneumatic bench vice for ease of use and adding efficiency to your shopfloor. 

Initial job adjustment is done through manual adjustment is done to the job +5 mm.Then the clamp and declamp operation is done through pneumatic operations. In clamping position the vise exerts the force of 1000 Kg @ 8 bar of compressed Dry air.this clamping force can be adjusted through the regulator unit supplied as the part of pneumatic control panel.

It can be operated through pushbuttons,handlever valve or using foot switch.The demo video shows the operation using foot switch ,holding a heavy job of above 10 kg and hitting it with hammer to test the clamping force.

orcan pneumatic vice is designed to Save time,operator Energy & also provide consistent clamping force operation after operation.

to know more about the pneumatic vice options and feasability for your job email us or whatsapp


Orcan rear jaw sliding bench vice

Our Products in the range of bench vices is broadly in two categories The popular in indian market is Orcan rear jaw sliding bench vise which is being manufactured by our company since last 45 years and is a well regarded brand in the Industry.

with Clients of the industry ,Garage Segment client using and it with trust from over 45 years .Engineering colleges have also been buying orcan vices in bulk Quantity ,the most selling point being the Product Durability & ease of Use.

We offer 3 years warranty on breakage for 5″,6″,8″ models and 10 years warranty against Nut breakage on all models.with warranty there are some clauses which can be checked through email.

4″ jaw width vice is also very good quality vice but owing to its weight and size is suitable for lightweight jobs like fileing etc not suitable for heavy weight jobs which would need hammering etc.theirfore the warranty on 4″ bench vices is only one year against manufacturing defects only.

bench vice

Drop forged Bench vice

The drop forged bench vise was developed on the Request of one of European client.

We have supplied these vices in huge quantities to eurpoen country the USP of these vices are the availability of Swivel base,The pipe clamping jaws ,The relacebale or permanent jaws .

The forging manufacturing process along with production process are which gives durability to these vises.

These vices are also popular in DIY market as mounting is fairly simple on wooden desk ,even at home it could be used.

Also presence of pipe clamp jaws which could be selected at the time of ordering comes as extra tool to clamp cylinderical shafts for cutting or threading applications used to thread or cut pipes upto 60 Dia.

The machining of these vices is done on VMC machine to get the even touching /mating surface resulting in smooth moment for the complete working range of vice.