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Why Machine Vice

Pneumatic machine vice or twin piece holding steel machine vices can drastically enhance the shopfloor productivity of your metal cutting machines

Selection right option

Machine vices are also primarily used while they are mounted on the machines like milling machines,drill machines,Grinding machines or VMC vertical maching centers or horizontal machining centers.

The raw material and the geometry of the construction is important for the right usage .Usually if machine vice is improperly selected then the machine vices can result is rejection of job,breakage of vice or in some cases accident on the machine.

pneumatic machine vice


When production volume is more then the job clamp & declamp time becomes a substantial component of the cost & productivity.
with consistent clamping force through out the day ,it adds productivity to the whole equation of working
twin job vise


"Twin job clamping" typically refers to a setup involving two vices or clamping mechanisms used simultaneously to secure two separate workpieces or components during machining or other manufacturing processes.
Quick adjust machine vise

QUICK ADJUST efficient vice

A quick-adjust machine vice,is heavy duty machine vice with the 10" jaw width & 18" opening .with pin type design the moment of moving jaw is made faster from 2" opening to 10" without moving using screw moment.
the Clamping force in this vice is 3300 KG while clamping purely with the manual force.
heavy duty dovetail vise
A dovetail machine vice, has a special construction with the body having a dovetail guide & moving jaw also has dovetail slide .Benefit of this special construction is the jaw lift on tighening the workpiece is with in 20 microns
vmachine vise with swivel base
A precision machine vice is a specialized tool used in machining and metalworking applications to securely hold workpieces with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability
A multipurpose machine vice, is heavy duty machine vise designed for Pillar type radial drill machine milling machine ,the distinguished features are 8" jaw width & 12" opening designed to accommodate a wide range of workpiece sizes, shapes, and types for various machining and fabrication tasks.
how orcan vices are better

We can offer the vices with the jaw width and opening you need from 2" to 10" jaw width

Orcan can offer vices in Cast Iron Castings,Steel Casting ,Mild Steel,Alloy steel,Stainless Steel

Orcan can offer many geometries in jaw style like Step Jaws,V groove Jaws,V block style Jaws,Plain ground jaws,Soft jaws,Hard jaws ,jaws to hold cylinderical shafts

We can offer Parts in spare to make you machine vices investment a long lasting investment

With our own inhouse manufacturing facility,the turn around time for manufacturing vices is drastically faster then importing the vices

bearing puller
A bearing puller vice, is a specialized tool designed for removing bearings from Armature of portable power tools like marble cutter.