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46 Years of Experience in Manufacturing Vises.

When it comes to workpiece clamping the range of products is very wide .starting from bench vice to hold manual operating workpiece to ,Machine vice to clamp work piece while metal cutting is done on the CNC machine be it a Vertical machining center ,milling machine ,drill machine or Horizontal machining Center.

We have wide range of vices covering 2″ jaw width to 10″ jaw width with varied jaw openings and variety of material of construction.


Orcan Vices are in use in Automotive Garrages ,Manufacturing Plants,Engineering colleges ,CNC machines .


Vices can be categorized based on material of construction,the size and weight of the workpiece.
Vises can also be categorized based on how they would be used ,manually or on any machine
Broadly we like to categorize our range of vices in two categores namely work Bench vices and machine mounted vices
orcan rear jaw sliding bench vise

Bench Vice

A industrial bench vise, often simply referred to as a "vice," is workholding toool which is commonly used in manufacturing workshops, automotive garages ,Vocational training colleges etc.
pneumatic machine vice

Machine Vice

A machine vise is a mechanical Equipment designed & Engineered to securely clamp the workpiece or in place during machining on milling machine or vertical machining center , fabrication etc .
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Orcan vices are being purchased and used not only in India ,but also in Switzerland,Italy,Malaysia,UK,Iceland , USA Dubai.
Our range of Heavy duty bench vices are also being used on regular basis by OEM clients.
Orcan Heavy Duty Bench Vices,Machining vice being displayed in Industrial exhibitions in india & abroad.
Why & where of vices (vises)

Industrial Bench vices are to be used for manual operation ,the vice is mounted on the table or workbench and operators use the vice to clamp the work piece ,like fileing ,cutting ,sizing etc 

The vices are priced depending on the jaw width and jaw opening .the essential element of durability is the Screw and Nut.

Milling vices or machinist vise are mounted on machines like milling machine ,Grinding machine or Vertical machining Center , Drilling machine to clamp the workpiece while its machined using the metal cutting cutters like facemill ,endmill or shoulder milling etc.

The jaw width and jaw opening is one of the primary parameter upon which the vice is selected ,other parameters are the materials of construction the jaw geometry etc.

The durability of manual machine vice is also dependent on the diameter of Screw and thread type

These vices are specially designed to improve the productivity of the vertical machining centers or horizontal machining centers .

Using multiple vices on the machine table can improve the productivity substantially at the tool change time is divided into twice the no of vices with 4 vices being used on the machine bed the tool change time of 30 secs is divided by 8.


We have a range of Grinding vices in different jaw widths and jaw opening 

in this type of vice ,the clamping pressure is applied on the workpiece using internal cyclinder using compressed air @ 7.5Bar.

Pneumatic vices deliver consistent clamping force which does not change through out the day on reason of operator fatigue.

Also the clamping & unclamping operation is very fast saving valuable time of operator & machine ,thus increasing the productivity of the operator and machine.

Its also very beneficial to use them in assembly operations .It can be also used with Foot swithc to free the hands.

Swivel base is an accessory which can be used as an option with bench vices or machine vices .it allows users to rotate the vice in XY plane at an angle and work on the workpiece

Rear Jaw sliding bench vices in heavy duty range that is size 5″ ,6″ & 8″ comes with 3 years warranty against breakage and it comes with 10 years warranty against breakage of NUT.

Machine vices come with one year warranty against manufacturing defects only.

Vices can be manufared in Cast iron Casting ,SG iron casting ,Steel casting ,or steel or alloy steel or drop forged steel vice

self centering vices are used on milling machines to machine like keyways where the job size might change but the center of the job should remain same to allow fast job change .

Orcan make self centering vices is various sizes from 2″ to 5″ in different jaw opening starting from 2″ to 6″.

bench vice