Twin Job Climping Vice


As production and mechanical engineers on the CNC shop floor, we understand that time is money that’s why we are excited to introduce Orcan’s latest innovation, the” Twin job CNC Alloy Steel Machine vice ” with its ability to hold two pieces of the same size or different sizes, with a jaw width of 125 MM and jaw opening of 125 mm this product is designed to improve productivity and reduce operator time by up to 86 % leading to increased productivity by up to 7%.

twin job vise

By using four vices on a machine table to process eight jobs in one setup this product can significantly reduce the downtime between setup allowing for more efficient production with a return on investment of less than one year this product is a sound investment that can quickly pay off

At Orcan we are committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the changing needs of the manufacturing industry if you are interested in improving your productivity and efficiency on the shop floor, contact us today to learn more about the Twin job CNC Alloy Steel Machine Vice

twin vise drawing
Jaw Width Jaw Opening Jaw Height Over all length
125 MM
125.5 MM
40 MM
485 MM